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Ground between two seas

Salento is famous for its over a hundred small villages. They’re characterised by the typical “court house” – Case a Corte, whitewash painted.
A green peninsula fringed by two seas (Ionio and Adriatic), is a magical place in which olive and vines trees indicate the agriculture’s attitude.
During the centuries, the landscape was moulded in turn by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and Aragonese and every domination deeply affected the peninsula’s landscape and the identify of these ancient builders can be traced both in the countryside and in all the towns. The mysterious dolmen, menhirs and pajare are the most ancient evidence left by the Messapian people.
Salento is an iconic area where the Adriatic coast and the marinas of Melendugno, Santa Cesarea Terme and Otranto meets the Ionian Sea and towns like Porto Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio and Gallipoli.
The small villages reveal workshop where artisans craft objects out of papier – mâché, local stone and typical weaving.
The excellent local wines and olive oil are offered during the “streets of oil” and “streets of wine”.
Salento’s sea is an ongoing surprise. You can discover the coastline characterised by island and caves. You can also enjoy the underwater world with unforgettable scuba diving.
Don’t forget to visit the Archaeological Museum of Vaste.
The local cuisine boats all the flavors of the Salento, the flavorful wild vegetable and delicious sweet such as pasticciotto(a type of filled Italian pastry traditionally filled with cream.) and spumoni (molded gelato made with layers of different colors and flavors usually containing candied fruits and nuts).
For the night lovers Salento is full of the nightclub like Blubay, Gibò and Malè.

Distances of interest

  • Lecce 45 Km
  • Castro e la grotta Zinzulusa 5 Km
  • Otranto 18 Km
  • Galatina 18 Km
  • Gallipoli e Lido Pizzo 40 Km
  • Santa Maria di Leuca 35 Km
  • Nardò 45 km

Night attractions

  • MALE’ 8 Km
  • BLU BAY 5 Km
  • GIBO’  20 Km