The origins

The farmhouse, built at the dawn of the 18th century, included a large barn area with tanks and amphora used for the conservation of wheat and cereals. There was also an ancient oil mill called “Frantoio ipogeo”, where the olives became oil.
The olives grew in the areas of Racale, Spongano, Andrano e Nociglia.

During the years, the farmhouse has started a pressing with grapes from Racale.  These grapes came from the Duchess Basurto, grandmother of Francesco Rizzelli, father of the actual young owners, and husband of Anna Addario Chieco, nephew of Count Balsamo from Brindisi.

The wonderful winery, carved into the rock, had in it oak barrels from Slovenia, used to get Cognac older.  However, the production has been interrupted following decades.

The respect for history and for the generation past inspired Anna and her three sons to tuned the Masseria in a charming house.

Stay in the History

The 18th century architecture restructured with care, it’s a haven full of colours and scents.
The entrance of Masseria, near Castro Marina, impressed you through the vine of Canada, the capers, and green flowery beds full of herbs like rosemary, sage and lavender.
The old wind – up crane under the white porch, the winery carved into the rock and the big underground vats in the living room and the stone tanks, remind us the past.
A wonderful treasure is the swimming pool, dominates by a remains of the ancient little tower.

And when the night has come, it’s a pleasure to relax in the terrace, where there’s a magic atmosphere offered by the night sky full of stars.
The blooming Italian garden, near the Masseria and the little church called Congrega, it’s a secret place where you can relax and walk near the orange and mandarin trees.

The peaceful quiet of the village, the garden atmosphere and the ancient little church, made the farmhouse the perfect place to celebrate anniversaries and romantic weddings.


The farmhouse gives the chance to buy typical products farm – to – table. Over the shelves of our pantry, you can choose between:

  • Homemade biscuits from “Aldemorisco” ”, made with almond or chocolate or oranges;
  • Homemade “Aldemorisco” jam, made with figs, pears, oranges, strawberries and prunes;
  • Honey, made by local beekeeper;
  • Extra-virgin olive oil “La Macchiola” (1 Liter or 5 Litlers tins);
  • New potatoes called “Sieglinde” made in Racale (only available in April and May).